<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> Welcome Aboard The Uncontroled Bar Base Columbus

Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Bar Base Columbus , Barfleet's first permanent station in the Alpha Quadrant!

At first glance, the Barbase may seem like a humble and extremely out-of-date K-Class space station.  However, the station's history before earning its Barfleet Construction Contract (BCC) is shrouded in mystery.  We aren't really sure of her true origin.  The Ferengi who sold the station to the Captain weren't very clear as to how it came into their possession.  We didn't ask.

The crew is still working on making the necessary upgrades to bring the station up to party specs.  Recently, the base's nightclub, The Inferno, had a brand new Battle-Class Bar installed after it's shake down cruise during a joint mission with the U.B.S. Casual.  More upgrades and additions are planned to make the Barbase second only to the Hotel Gemmorah in terms of party amenities and libations.

Besides the station being amazingly cool inside, what truly makes the Barbase unique is the strange heavenly body it guards.  The Inebrium Nebula is a one-of-a-kind windfall for Barfleet and its formation in this region of space can only be contributed to the party-rich atmosphere.  Scans of this previously unknown nebula indicate it to be a type of 'cosmic alcohol' in a very raw and highly concentrated form.  The region is dangerously unstable and the nebula exerts powerful effects on the unprepared.  At least one Federation starship has fallen to an unusable state by venturing to deep into the cloud.  Unfounded reports claim that ship's organic gel packs were seriously affected and its last transmissions were slurred and garbled.  This seemed to suggest that the ship was in an unresponsive state, and in need of greasy breakfast products.

Barbase Columbus now stands at the forefront of the alcoholic sciences and has the continuing mission to maintain the party-rich atmosphere that Inebrium feeds on, to protect the uninitiated from it effects and to spread the message of Barfleet o all who visit.

This page  will contain a collection of data regarding the Barbase, and will provide guests with an understanding of our amazing Station and its crew.  If you want to join our crew, or learn what it is like to perhaps start up your own Barfleet ship or base, send us an email (barbasecolumbus@gmail.com) and one of our excellent recruitment officers will be sure to get back to you.

Enjoy your visit, but beware the Dread Thingy - a ghost ship it be, traveling the Inebrium Nebula...